Curated by Lithuanian DJ/singer Mamiko Motto, Mamiko Motto Presents Amada is a compilation featuring 13 exclusive tracks produced by her favorite acts affiliated with Dublin’s All City label. Aiming for what she calls a “dirty post-punk” sound, Motto enlisted artists like LuckyMe artist Claude Speed, Stones Throw stalwart James Pants, Dorian Concept, and Obey City to deliver a record of consistently maximalist and surreal tracks. Streaming below, Claude Speeed’s exclusive “Crushed Rave” operates like a soaring and crystalline brand of Detroit techno as captured through a shattered lens. All City’s Mamiko Motto Presents Amada compilation will be available on October 22, with an exclusive bonus track available on a bonus 7″ flexi-disc. (via Dummy)

1. Obey City – Take It Back
2. Young Mind – Jennifer
3. Bobby – Tame the Shrew
4. Georgia Anne Muldrow – Git Thee
5. James Pants – Ritual Magick
6. Silkersoft – Duel
7. Darq E Freeker – Psychosis
8. Fatima Yamaha – AAA
9. Scntst – For Forest Use Only
10. Mweslee – Una 4
11. DZ – Shoulda Coulda
12. Dorian Concept – Empty Everything
13. Claude Speeed – Crushed Rave
14. GMCFOSHO – Comupout (Bonus Flexi 7-inch)