Martin Dosh is finally taking time away from his work with Andrew Bird and Co to release his fourth solo album, Wolves and Wishes. The follow-up to 2006’s The Lost Take, this new release finds the Minneapolis-based producer with a fresh cast of collaborators, among them Andrew Broder and Mark Erickson of Fog, Mike Lewis, Bad Plus drummer David King, and Bird himself. The whole crew unrolls an album of moody pianos, violins, and soft vocals, with nary a drum machine to be found.

Those in Minneapolis can head out to Dosh’s CD release party on Saturday, May 3 at The Walker Arts Center’s McGuire Theatre. For the rest of us, Wolves and Wishes drops May 13 on anticon.

1. Don’t Wait For The Needle To Drop0
2. Bury The Ghost
3. If You Want To, You Have To
4. First Impossible
5. Kit And Pearle
6. Wolves
7. Food Cycles
8. Keep Up Appearance
9. The Magic Stick
10. Capture The Flag