Concret have offered up a new mix for download and announced a tour.

As we noted back in January with the release of the duo’s seductive cut “Closer”—which was given away in support of the event of the same name—Concret is made up of Italo-Mexican musician, DJ, and artist Diego Angelico Escobar and Italian sound-designer, keyboardist, and producer Q-pha. Diego also runs Trafico Records, a label home to music from Metrika, Cubenx, Los Gatos Escobar, and, of course, Concret themselves. 

A regular on the Mayan Warrior and renowned parties such as Do Not Sit On The Furniture and Output NYC, Diego is the sole DJ of Concret, presenting a deep and hypnotic strain of electronic music that stays true to the duo’s releases on Roam RecordingsPhisica, and Nein Records, among others. This weekend past, as a duo, Concret also debuted a new live show in NYC, with dates in Mexico set for this weekend and Europe (London, Berlin, Paris, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Lisbon, Athens, Mykonos, Ibiza, Milano, and more TBA) to follow. Information for the upcoming tour will be made available here

In support of the tour, Diego from Concret has offered up a special mix for download, composed entirely of music from the Trafico label—and much of it unreleased. You can stream and download the mix below. 

How has 2018 been for you so far?

Good Thanks, a lot of studio work, gigs and preparing a new multimedia live show together with my partner and audio engineer Q-Pha, the Mexican DJ Soni Ceron and the visual artist and director Alonso V. Benton aka Error 1322 (

When and where was the mix recorded?

In my studio in Mexico City during first week of April

What equipment did you record the mix on?

The mix is made with home equipment: Pioneer cdjs, an old Stanton mixer and recorded with a Tascam.

Was there a particular idea you were looking to convey?

Well, this mix is a personal interpretation of the mood I was looking for my label and that I finally found, the new sounds I fell in love with. Is a combination of what Concret sounds and what I think is valuable and interesting of the talents I’m crossing paths with

How did you select the records you included?

All the tracks in this mix are upcoming releases on my label Trafico Music.

What else do you have coming up this year?

I have the debut of the live show in Mexico and US and a long summer tour around Europe. I also have exciting new collaborations and some remixes and releases on labels I haven’t released yet.


01. In/Clan “Tun Tun” (Tkuz Remix)
02. Marat “Visions”
03. Cantor “Ethermin”
04. Concret “Fermata Gayol”
05. Tkuz “Transmission”
06. In/Clan “Guru”
07. Concret & Soni Ceron “Borders” (Cubenx Remix)
08. Cantor “The Chain” (Tyu Remix)
09. O’Keefe & Andy Rourke “Into The Forest”
10. Viks Lander “Pandora”
11. Concret feat. Natalia Clavier “La Mujer” (Isaac Soto Remix)