John Osborn has offered up the first half of his lauded set at Patterns of Perception’s second birthday.

Back in May, Patterns of Perception celebrated two years with a 22-hour party featuring performances by Polar Inertia (Live), Patrick Russell, natural/electronic.system., and, of course, Osborn, among others. Osborn closed the party and by all accounts, delivered a scorching set that flowed through groovy house, techno, and dub. The set was also a special one for Osborn, following an inspirational tour of Japan, as he explains:

“I was recently on tour in Japan and as always my head was bursting with ideas inspired by this mesmerizing country and the fantastic people I meet there. Sometimes, for me, out of the ether, ideas of how to mix certain tracks present themselves—some I ignore but some I attempt. At one of the many airports I was lounging around in Japan, I listened to the classic track by Rhythm & Sound ‘King In My Empire’ ft. Cornell Campbell. It is a track I have heard many times before but this time it resonated with me and my current life situation. I listened to it on repeat and the ether gifted me the idea of a three-deck mix that would enable me to have the club dancing to a full-on dub reggae track in the middle of a house set while still making sense. My idea was to lead the mix with a garage-esq track and filter out everything but the 16th note percussion, before bringing in the dub track and sandwiching it by a third track with a 4/4 kick. The lyrics meant so much to me at the time and this idea got me really excited. I swore I would push myself to attempt it live someday when the time was right. I had only been back in Berlin a few days and I played the closing set at the second anniversary of the Patterns Of Perception party. About an hour in I knew this was the moment to execute the mix and went for it. I pulled it off and the response was wonderful – fuelling me to dig deep into the mix for the remaining three hours of my set.”

You can stream and download the mix below. 

Due to temporary issues regarding the GDPR, EU readers can download the mix here.