Remember when we said that UK producer Mosca was not a “particularly prolific” producer? That was only a few weeks ago, when we reviewed his latest single on Numbers, “Done Me Wrong” b/w “Bax.” We don’t want to overly aggrandize our impact, but did Mosca maybe read that statement, take offense, and start unloading a backlog of material? We’re kidding of course, but in the past three weeks, Mosca has announced another new single on Martyn’s 3024 label, and, just this morning, he’s offered up a brand-new EP for free download via Twitter. The UK producer recently reached 5000 followers on Twitter, and elected to drop the appropriately titled 5000 Followers EP to commemorate the occasion. The two-song release can be downloaded here along with its accompanying artwork.

In other Mosca-related news, some clips of the aforementioned release on 3024, The Wavey EP, have been released. Check out the preview streams below. The Wavey EP is scheduled for release in late October.

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