2-Section (born Julian Feierabend) is a Berlin-based DJ and record collector that digs deep into the archives of house, techno, and disco. His collection treasures a wide range of both genres and his sets are built on vibrant tracks which still remain with a focus on the dancefloor. He played various clubs in Germany such as Griessmühle, Loftus Hall or Artheater, formed the musical backbone to local O MATO gatherings and plays regularly for the Cologne-based HOOVE collective.

2-Section will be performing at this year’s debut edition of the O MATO experience which takes place from September 4 to 14 in Brazil. More information is available here.

When and where was the mix recorded?

The mix was actually recorded in my bedroom with two Technics SL 1200 MK2 turntables, an Allen & Heath Xone92 mixer, and a lot of cigarettes. They really keep me focused. I was sorting some new arrivals to my collection and got inspired by a record that a friend of mine gave me. He bought it from a record sale where he is currently working. I’ll get to this one later on.

Could you tell us about the idea behind it?

The idea behind the recording is an approach that I always try to follow when I play: combining effective drum patterns and mid-range heavy chords with rather groovy house records that bring some lightness and fun into the composition.
Usually, this can also lead to some disco heat, but not in an hour of playtime and only if the audience is up for it. It’s rare that they’re not though.

How did you choose the records in it?

I usually prepare the first two to three records of a set before I play. Just to get into a comfort zone and to not panic out. If I didn’t, I’d shit my pants. From there on I rather let the flow decide where to go. It’s very important to me that a mix has a common theme without getting boring. It’s a pretty basic element of a good mix, I suppose.

However, some tracks in the recording are very close to my heart and have a rather symbolic meaning, some are just right for the spot they’re in. There is, for example, the Cherushii “Milk Of Paradise” on the Warrior Loves EP that came out on Jenifa Mayanja‘s Sound Warrior Label. I am just really in love with that whole record as it is so diverse and covers most relevant tones of house music. Also, I like the attitude behind the label itself. Something good to spend money on.

Then there is the record I was mentioning earlier. Liquid Variety “Best Part Of The Trip,” what a classic. Originally released in 1991 on Kaleidoscope Records. Had so much fun in my room dancing to those drums. Also really looking forward to playing this one out to 150 junglists in the middle of the Amazon.

Tell us a little about O MATO. What makes it special?

First of all, a big shout-out to the crew as those guys are brilliant. Met them through a friend of mine when I moved to Berlin in November 2016. Shared the same taste in music and had the same vision in regards to social gatherings and boom! Very happy to be part of this project. That’s also, at least for me, what makes this project so special. The standard answer would praise the stunning location right in the middle of the Amazon with loads of shit to discover and to adventure, or the fine selection of artists who are performing, which matches the setting like a lid for a pot. But for me, it’s about those guys putting so much passion into what they love. Experiencing them putting that shit on is what motivates me being part of this, even if I’d play in front of 30 people. Those are there to celebrate a one-in-a-lifetime experience and for the love of music and they are pretty damn in the right spot!