German artist Ruede Hagelstein has shared an exclusive mix ahead of a string of US tour dates, taking in Massachusetts, North Carolina, Miami, New York, and Nevada from April 4 to May 4.

The mix finds Hagelstein in a deep and introspective mood, crafting a patient and balanced set that subtly flows through cuts from Prince Of Denmark, 9beats, Rebar, Sebastian Mullaert, Shlømo & AWB, and, of course, a few outings of his own. As you’ll read below, the mix also preempts a big year for Hagelstein, with releases on the way on Watergate and Bedrock, and a string of new remixes.

You can download and stream the mix below, along with info on his tour dates.

When and where was the mix recorded?

February 2018 at Watergate Club in Berlin, Germany.

What equipment did you the mix on?

3x CDJ-2000 Nexus, 1x Allen & Heath Xone:92, and a Marantz audio recorder.

Was there a particular idea you were looking to convey?

The mix starts off super quiet as I am building the sound up from a very deep corner of my soul. This is where I like to hang these days… a reflection of what techno is giving back to me. It’s kind of a meditation. It’s not a typical DJ Set, I would say.

How was 2017 for you?

Turbulent. A lot of touring… actually too many things going on at the same time, but I found time to recover and reorganize a few things in my life. I lost bad habits, got back in shape, and feel well prepared for whatever the future has to bring.

What do you have coming up this year?

I have an EP for Watergate Records which will be released soon, I recently signed a track “Chromapark” to Bedrock Records, which will also be released very soon. I have several new remixes in the pipeline, including one I just confirmed for Mr. C. I’ve been growing my label DUAT here in Berlin, working on material for my new moniker “R100,” as well as a month-long tour throughout the US during the whole of April. I feel more inspired than ever by the music and culture which we all love and am very excited for whatever the future may bring.

Tour dates:

April 4 – Phoenix Landing, Boston, MA
April 6 – Oddysey at Bassment, Charlotte, NC
April 7 – Do Not Sit On The Furniture, Miami, FL
April 14 – City Fox at Avant Gardner, New York, NY
April 20 – Kinda Super Disco, Houston, TX
April 21 – Public Works, San Francisco, CA
April 27 – Decibel at Timbre Room (Kremwerk), Seattle, WA
April 28 – BeforeAfter at Le Jardin, Los Angeles, CA
May 4 – State of Mind (MNTRA/SoulState) Festival, Las Vegas, NV


01 Aileen Phoenix “Postcards” (Ruede’s Tears On The Drums Rough Mix)
02 R100 “Pet”
03 9beats “Nuclear Fusion”
04 Prince Of Denmark “Pulsierendes Leben”
05 Shlømo & AWB “Blind”
06 Rebar “Prohlis”
07 Mathame “Opal Cithiee”
08 Nuiton “Carpal Tunnel”
09 Erofeev “Abdumanob”
10 Between Ourselves “Red Mist” (Ruede’s Club Rough Remix Artefact)
11 Sebastian Mullaert “You’re An Orchestra In The Cosmos”
12 Radio Slave “The Clone Wars” (Markus Suckut Remix)