Earlier this year, XLR8R admittedly went a little crazy for Graze, a collaborative undertaking from Canadian producers Christian Andersen (a.k.a. XI) and Adam Marshall (who’s currently based in Berlin). Following the appearance of the duo’s strong self-titled debut EP, we profiled the pair in our Bubblin’ Up series, in which Andersen and Marshall mentioned that more music was on the way. Just two weeks ago, the duo followed through on that claim with an announcement that Edges, its first full-length, would be released via Marshall’s New Kanada label on December 3. While more than a month remains before the LP officially sees the light of day, Graze has elected to share a little something to help whet our collective appetites: a 43-minute recording of the duo’s live set, which is exclusively available to stream and download here on XLR8R.

The live session was actually recorded several months back, when Marshall was in Canada and Graze was slated to perform a handful of shows. (Side note: the duo’s debut live show at MUTEK 2013 in Montreal was undoubtedly one of the festival’s highlights.) Consisting of 100% Graze material, the recording includes material from both the self-titled EP and the forthcoming album, along with a few other unreleased bits. Powered by rolling, snapping percussion and colored by gloomy melodies and thick basslines, the live session provides an excellent snapshot of what the Graze project is all about.