Blind Colour label head and Ink Project member Jez Lloyd has shared a new mix, available for download via WeTransfer below.

The Brighton-based producer recorded the two-hour vinyl-only mix on two turntables last month, moving through a range of styles and moods—what Jez calls “alien funk”—including tracks from Black Sabbath, Little Dragon, DjRUM, Space Dimension Controller, Skee Mask, Domenico Rosa, and, of course, his own Ink Project. The mix follows what has been a stellar year for Lloyd and his label, which has released music from artists such as Nate Connelly, Gongkreeper, The Left Rib, Rounds, and Ga-Nu, amongst others.

We sent a few questions to Jez to learn more about the mix and what’s on the horizon for Blind Colour and his various projects.

You can stream and download the mix below.

When and where was the mix recorded?

It was recorded in August at home in Brighton on the South Coast of England.

What equipment did you record it on?

It’s a vinyl-only mix recorded on two Technics 1210’s and a Pioneer Professional DJM-500. Keeping it old school!

Was there a particular idea or mood you were looking to convey?

The mix moves through all kinds of organic and electronic styles and moods, but keeping it soulful, funky, varied and interesting. I like to call my DJ style ‘alien funk’ so I’m hoping this mix reflects that.

How did you choose the records you included?

With difficulty because I love all kinds of music and am a bit of a vinyl junkie, but I wanted to create a journey from relaxing, home-based listening through to a more underground dancefloor tracks, containing the types of artists, producers, grooves, and musical fusions I like but with a random, cosmic, and bassy edge to the overall mix.

What’s on the horizon for Ink Project and your label Blind Colour?

Well since Ink Project released our second album, Satellite On, and did a run of live shows across the UK, I became a Dad, put out some new music from Gongkreeper, The Left Rib, and Ga-Nu on the label, whilst also DJing, working in the audio industry, and doing some remixes. It’s been a nice but busy period of trying a few new things, listening to loads of new music, learning about sound design and new production techniques, taking stock, and reflecting on where our music could go next.

Ink Project are slowly working on some new material and collaborations that we hope should see the light of day at some stage next year so watch this space and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

What else do you have planned for 2018?

A few low-key DJ slots in Brighton but mainly studio time working on new remixes, material and collaborations.

Due to temporary issues regarding the GDPR, EU readers can download the mix here.


1. VTR “Soul to Skin”
2. Black Sabbath “Planet Caravan”
3. Bobby McFerrin “Angry (Gima)”
4. The Chordettes “Mr Sandman”
5. Session Victim “Castle For Sale”
6. Little Dragon “High”
7. Gina X “Hom Intern”
8. Hi-Tension “Hi-Tension”
9. Dexter Wansel “Life On Mars”
10. The Moody Boyz “Destination Africa” (Spirit of Freedom Version)
11. Space Dimension Controller “The Love Quadrant – 7”
12. Ink Project “Ghost In The System”
13. Djrum “Waters Rising”
14. Skee Musk “Muk FM”
15. Tune-Yards “Honesty”
16. Ink Project “Everything Change” (Evil Nine Remix)
17. Ghetto Funk “Doing My Thing”
18. Martyn “Manchester”
19. Rimbaudian “Ten Eight Seven”
20. Rimbaudian “Let Me Beat U”
21. Domenico Rosa “Goingbackeast”
22. Spin Cycle “Drug Games”
23. The Ron Honey Experience “Nitedrive”
24. Furry Phreaks Featuring Terra Deva “Want Me (Like Water)” (Deep Mix)
25. DJ Pierre “I Can’t Stand It” (Get Fucked Remix)
26. Ink Project feat. Fifi Rong “Runaway Ritual” (Seahawks Eye In The Sky Remix)