UK producer and DJ Shamos heads up a monthly late night slot on NTS Radio that showcases an eclectic selection of house, left-field hip-hop, warped new wave, and everything in between.

Outside of the NTS stable, Shamos has become somewhat of a regular on Funkineven’s Apron Records, releasing his first two EPs on the label this year—his four-track debut EP, Road Works Part 1, arrived back in February; with its follow-up, Games And Dreams, landing on November 29. Both EPs followed in tune with his NTS slot and presented a selection of varied, off-kilter tracks that naturally fit with the raw stylings of Apron.

Now, as a preview to Games And Dreams, Shamos has recorded an exclusive mix featuring a cut from the new EP, alongside a selection of tunes from the likes of Actress, Jay Daniel, Dean Blunt, and DJ Stingray.

You can stream and download the mix below.


Shamos “Bound For Borders”
Fotomachine “Vanity Tricks”
Brassfoot “Snap To Grid”
Parris “Bloom”
???? – ?????
Dj Slyngshot “180554” (Extended Version)
Garth Be “To Too Much 2”
Monomite “Les Baffes De Georges Moustaki”
Shinichi Atobe “World 5”
????? – ?????
Dta Feat. Sendawg “YT”
James West “Option_select”
Actress “Sinorita”
Jay Daniel “Yemaya”
Beau Wanzer “Grooves No Zone”
PX$H6XD “Yamonote Bby”
Shamos “Teeeth”
Tom Furse “Teasing Sound From Air Like Magic”
Mr Tophat “Kiss O Sandro”
Dean Blunt “Mersh”
Ibrahim Alfa “Dreamland”
Dj Stingray “The Sadist Iii”
Shamos “Mobb Heavy”
Lawson “Earls Network”