Yesterday, several music publications, including XLR8R, mistakenly announced that Actress had shared a free download of a new beat tape, after the British artist shared a link in a Twitter post. It’s now been confirmed by NextAge that the tape is in fact by the artist Dam Voyage. The Los Angeles label has been retweeting the incorrect articles with the hashtag #MadVoyageMixup.

The URL shared by Actress, real name Darren Cunningham, linked a post on SP Forums by a user named (222)-222-2222, which included a link and an image for Mad Voyage Mixtape. There’s also a description: “All SP 303, sketchbook beats, recorded this past week straight to recorder or cassette.” It was widely reported that the mixtape was from Actress, who has an affinity for mysterious music drops—after dropping his recent album, 88, on July 15 as a free download.

You can check out the Twitter post below, with the forum post linked here, and the download here.

Editor’s note: this article has been updated.