Continuing with his ongoing series of Re-Edits collections, Warp-signed experimental producer patten has posted another batch of mangled, deconstructed dance music made from an array of repurposed samples and loops, offering the four tracks for free download. Admittedly, the source material comprising Re-Edits Vol. 8 is a bit harder to pinpoint than previous installments (we do hear a little bit of Sonic Youth in one of the edits, though), but that doesn’t make patten’s dense productions any less alluring. It’s actually even more captivating to try to unpack each track’s mass of sonic ephemera while bobbing along to the buoyant grooves.

The entirety of Re-Edits Vol. 8 can be downloaded for free by heading to patten’s website and clicking on the icon of a perforated circle. And in addition to his new batch of edits, the London producer has a headlining show planned for tomorrow night, a performance celebrating the recent release of his bewildering ESTOILE NAIANT LP. The details for that party at Concrete Space in Shoreditch can be found here.