A Sagittariun arrived in late 2011, fully formed and with a strong agenda to release musical dispatches from the frontline of the constellation. 

Via the Elastic Dreams label, A Sagittariun has issued a handful of 12” discs, each armed with breadth and sustenance, exploring the outer reaches of deep and thoughtful electronic music. Using the dream process as a springboard for musical activity, A Sagittariun has indulged in astrological techno, spiritual house music, bass heavy dub rhythms, and ambient paths, culminating in his debut album, Dream Ritual, released on the first day of the Sagittarius’ zodiac timeframe, 2013, followed in 2016 with Elasticity, another inspired long-player. With a new EP via Hypercolour on the way, the anonymous Bristol-based producer offered to compile an exclusive mix for XLR8R, which is available for download below.

When and where was the mix recorded?

I put the mix together at home here in Bristol last week/

Could you tell us about the idea behind it?

Well, I find much romanticism in techno and electronic music and wanted to create a mix that was a different kind of “vessel of expression” to a more dancefloor/kickdrum-orientated affair. It’s part love letter indeed, put together with someone very special to me in my thoughts. It also gave me the chance to reunite three wise men whom I brought together on my Elasticity album, namely Robert Anton Wilson, Terrence McKenna, and Alan Watts. The wonderful words of these great thinkers work so well over an electronic sound bed, so it’s nice to bring an extra dimension to a mix with a message that should truly resonate with the listeners.

How did you choose the records in it?

The tracklist came very quickly and naturally to me; it’s a blend of new music that I’ve bought from some really great artists, and also pulling in some older recordings that still sound as amazing as they did when I first heard them. I find it very exciting that new producers are always coming through with exceptional new music, I find it very hopeful for the electronic music scene at large.

How does the mix compare to one of your club mixes?

It’s a different kind of mix totally really, listeners to my monthly Telepathic Heights radio show on KMAH Radio will find a similarity to the second hour of my show when I really reach out across the whole electronic genre for some quite thought provoking and emotive techno sounds. It’s not a beat-driven mix, so it’s a lot more diverse and conducive to those who don’t just see techno as music that you would hear in a club.

What have you got planned for 2017?

My next single is out on Hypercolour in June, backed with a great remix from Matrixxman. Then I’ll be spending the summer putting together and rehearsing a new live set that I will debut at the Berghain in August and then take out to other clubs and performance spaces thereafter. I expect a couple more releases on my Elastic Dreams label and starting to put together my third album for 2018 release, so plenty to keep me off the streets and out of trouble over the coming months.