Moscow’s Arma17 resident Andrey Zots has shared a new mix ahead of his performance at this year’s Into the Valley Festival.

Zots has dedicated the last decade to sound engineering, sound design or sound in art—”every step of a sonic journey through the life is about that.” he says. The mix, which incorporates quirky tech-house with breakbeat and electro influences, is streamable and downloadable via the WeTransfer button below.

This is what he had to say:

“The artistic temptation for me was in a way to chase the time and to play with it. So the perfect ambiance for such a play is where the concept of time itself is relative … I would say that this mix is space-inspired, transmitting a feeling of a journey in the weird time-machine which takes you to the floating dance floor of a cosmic discotheque and you can hardly tell if the destination is the past or the future. So please welcome on board.”