Phantasy’s Daniel Avery has this week offered up the latest in Dekmantel’s revered podcast series, their 60th edition and Avery’s first mix in nearly a year.

Dekmantel had this to say… “Just a few years ago, Daniel Avery emerged from a famous Scrutton Street studio where the likes of Andrew Weatherall and Timothy J FairPlay were regulars. Since then, he has gone his own way, releasing a machine-made, proudly analog brand of indie-electro-techno-dance music that has come mostly on Erol Alkan’s Phantasy Sound label. Mixing dark beats with dense and smoky synth atmospheres as both a DJ and producer, he knows how to cook up a metallic and menacing groove with aplomb. After impressing with his debut album, Drone Logic, in 2013, we’re proud to invite him to this year’s Lente Kabinet, Dekmantel Festival (together with Roman Flügel), and our mix series. The fabric resident kicks off his mix with some heady drones and deep, spacious grooves that are eerie and unsettling. The next 90 minutes sees him blend sublime acid, slithering synths and increasingly minimal techno into a seductive set that is expertly paced and seamlessly mixed. Perfect for the dead of night in some intimate back room, it shows a heady and atmospheric side to Avery that is truly compelling.”