Guy From Downstairs has shared a new mix, which is exclusively available below.

Guy From Downstairs is Victor Ernuteanu, a Bucharest-based artist whose philosophy regarding the sound of the electronic underground music has always been evolving around clear and simple ideas since day one: staying fresh, adding your own touch to the culture and “rocking the dancefloor.”

He has released records on labels like Robsoul, Melisma, Tzinah or Tvir. The latest EP on his own vinyl-only imprint GFD brings to light a collaboration project together with Desolat‘s Guti.

Now he compiles a mix exclusively for XLR8R, and this is what he had to say.

When and where was the mix recorded?

The set was recorded in my home studio from Bucharest. I’ve just moved into a new place so this was the perfect occasion for a first jam.

Could you tell us about the idea behind it? How did you choose the records in it?

The idea was simple, as always: I like the way something sounds a lot and I want you to experience it too. I’ve included some of my unreleased productions and a few tracks from various artists that I dig.

How does the mix compare to one of your club mixes?

I think, when recording a mix at home I tend to follow my storyline in sound and build grooves with a lot of my own loops and beats; while performing live in front of people, the vibe always depends on the moment, time, mood. I play my productions but I also enjoy trying out different music that I find in my diggings or stuff that my friends make.

What have you got planned for 2017?

For later this year I’ve got a few remixes coming out on 12 inch, a track on a Vatos Locos V.A., an EP on Curtea Veche is in development and also very exciting times for the GFD label as there are lot of goodies that are about to see the light very soon 🙂