Since his first release in 2014, Levi Verspeek has been a name to watch in house music circles. Championed by artists such as Raresh early on in his career, it wasn’t long until more than just those in the know knew his name.

Outside of his solo productions, which have landed on BodyParts, Ruis, and Lyssna, Verspeek has a very healthy collaborative relationship with Makcim. Under Makcim & Levi, the pair have released insatiable, groove-led records on Raum…musik, Apollonia, and, most recently, Lazare Hoche Records.

In support of his single on Lyssna and the Makcim & Levi EP on Lazare Hoche—both of which dropped earlier this year—Verspeek has pieced together an hour-long mix of jazz, experimental ambience, and left-field beats, as he explains:

“This mix consists of my favorite music I like to listen at home when I’m either working, chilling or having dinner. It’s a blend of music from my childhood, from the record collection of my grandma, soundtracks from video games and movies, tracks ripped from skate movies I couldn’t find the title of, music from a friend who is too introvert to release it, and of course music that just fits the mix.
I tried to make a blend of both beats and ambient to make it diverse. Enjoy this mix, and try it during a fancy dinner!”

You can download and listen below.