Luc Ringeisen has shared a new mix, available for download below.

Having been born in France—where he received musical education from the National Conservatory and experienced the explosion of techno music in Europe during the mid ’90’s—Ringeisen began to produce music and play records in Ibiza, Spain. In 2003, he founded the Vinyl Club record shop, which has played an important part in the spreading of new styles across the island over the course of the past decade. Following on from this, he took his first steps as a club DJ at Space Ibiza back in 2004 with a Friday night residency. He went on to play in the majority of the most of the main Ibiza clubs before finding his home as a DJ at Ibiza Underground. In 2007, he had his first gigs at DC10.

Today, Ringeisen is now based in Berlin, having relocated to the German capital when vinyl sales began to decrease with the rise of digital formats. From there he runs his Vinyl Club Recordings label and spends as much time in the studio—when he is not DJing. He also shares a residency with DeWalta at Club Der Visionaere, and also runs the VCR-AGENCY, a booking and artist management agency for his friends.

Available to download below is a two-hour studio mix made up of music that Ringeisen can be found playing out today.

“As in all my mixes, I am mixing together records of very different styles but I make them fit in a way to give a sense to the overall session, I guess that’s an important thing in my DJing. So this style—which I hope to be my own—comes from a mix of records from very different backgrounds and genres, so it all relies on the way I mix them together to create an unique and flowing musical world.

The mix also shows how I love to use the ‘DJ Tools’ I am preparing in the studio to be played in DJ sets. The sessions are most of the time, like this one, made with a lot of my (and my team’s and friends’) latest studio works. I try to share in equal parts my work between studio production and record digging. Again, everything is topped with a lot of self made DT tools such as synths loop, percussion loops, acapellas, synths shots, etc..