Future Times label co-head Maxmillion Dunbar has shared a new mix full of “tons of new and unreleased music from Future Times artists and the Max-man himself.” Dunbar’s colorfully titled Gorilla Bliss DJ Mix is billed as an “utterly shlazed yet precision excursion into the FT mindset,” and so comes full of the types of percussion-heavy, psychedelia-tinged house and techno the label has frequently explored over the years, also fitting in a fews surprising detours such as Marvin Gaye’s “Mercy Mercy Me” and abstract Japanese electronic compositions.

Dunbar’s latest mix can be streamed and downloaded in full below. Though the collection comes without a tracklist, the Gorilla Bliss DJ Mix does come with a few of the DC-based producer/DJ’s upcoming European tour dates, which can also be peeped below.

May 01 – LARM, Budapest (Hungary)
May 02 – Ex Forno MAMbo, Bologna (Italy)
May 03 – 65mq, Milan (Italy)
May 04 – Dance Tunnel, London (UK)