Born in Buenos Aires in 1991, Jerónimo Turek Trosman (a.k.a MOMO) started his career as a professional DJ towards the end of 2011. Influenced heavily by Ricardo Villalobos, Raresh, Praslea, Sonja Moonear and others, he entertains a love for all things vinyl, and has invested lots of time to compile a unique catalog of musical works. “I’ve been known to spend 10 hours a day on Discogs,” he says.

His reputation has grown considerably over recent years, supported, in part, by a series of performances at Creamfields (2012-2015) and Time Warp (2014, 2015) and some much further afield, including Berlin, Barcelona, Milan and Madrid. This year, he is set to return to European shores once again, playing at Sweden’s Into the Valley festival, and many more smaller settings.

Alongside Felipe Valenzuela, he also runs Cure Music, a vinyl-only label that “brings you hints on a hidden, underground network connecting Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, and Berlin’s dancefloors.”

The following 60-minute mix was compiled especially for XLR8R.