Jaime Tellado (a.k.a. Skygaze) has shared a new mix ahead of his performance at this year’s L.E.V. Festival in Gijón, northern Spain.

The festival, which is heading for its 11th edition, will take place at a number of venues across the city of Gijón in northern Spain. The event’s organizers recently added a bunch of names to its lineup: Byetone and Markus Heckmann are set to premiere an audiovisual show specially designed for the event, in which the Raster-Noton boss will give a live performance of his forthcoming album, Universal Music.

Also confirmed are Hauschka (who will also perform an audiovisual show, with the help of Florence To), Logos, Lorenzo Senni, and Kiki Hitomi. They join a bill that already includes the likes of Factory Floor, Samuel Kerridge, and Container.

This is what Tellada had to say about the mix and more.

Talk to me about your background in music–how did you get to the point you’re at today?

I have been listening to music since I was a child. I started with things like Blur, Suede or the Xixon Sound scene, things like Australian Blonde. A few years later, I was into the nu-metal thing, Deftones, Incubus and all that stuff. Electronic music showed up in my life with the early releases of Border Community (Nathan Fake, James Holden, Fairmont); and, at the same time I was being influenced by more IDM-ish stuff like Jackson and his Computer Band and Apparat. I remember listening to Prefuse 73, RJD2 or Antipop Consortium at that time. Then all the LA beat scene arrived on my ears and in the last five years, I have been listening to a lot of jazz stuff from the ’60s and the ’70s.

Where and when did you record the mix?

I recorded last week at my home studio.

What equipment did you use?

Just my computer and Ableton live. I am not into the DJ thing, I buy vinyl and stuff but I prefer to play live so I do not really have a proper DJ setup at home.

Did you have a particular idea you wanted to pursue? How did you select the records to include?

I did not have a particular or clear idea when I did it. I mean, I just collected some tunes that I like and that have influenced me in so many ways, and I mixed them. There are tunes from the ’70s and tunes from 10 years ago, and also unreleased stuff from friends, tunes from last year’s and even some unreleased stuff from me and unreleased stuff from a jazz project that I am involved with a keyboard player from my town, Helios Amor. We do not even have a name for the group, this is the first time we share something

How does it compare to a Skygaze club mix?

Well, a lot of the live performances that I have done since I started the project back in 2013 have a similar structure if we compare them to this mix. I tend to start slow with hip-hop and IDM stuff and then I am increase the BPM until I reach house or techno tempos. I like to make it that way because I hate linear DJ sets.

L.E.V. Festival will take place in Gijón from April 27 – 30. For more information and tickets, head to the festival’s site.

Skygaze’s mix is available to stream below, and download via the WeTransfer button.