Disco, jazz, hip-hop, funk—all is fair game when it comes time for The Mole to pull either inspiration or wax for his house-heavy DJ sets and live presentations. Decades in, the Vancouver native is recognized as a relentless digger who is, he says, most at home behind a DJ booth during the wee smoky hours in the midst of long, drawn-out sets. The “more time for injecting a bit of Marvin Gaye here, some Mercedes Sosa there, the better,” he continues. And if you’ve ever had the chance to catch him in action—be it DJing or jumping from his MPC to a sole turntable—you’d agree: it’s difficult not to smile and appreciate The Mole at work, with an ear-to-ear grin on his face, wondering how in the world he’s getting paid for having so much fun.

On a production front, he boasts a long and colorful list of releases—for labels like Perlon, Ostgut Ton, Slices of Life, Haunt, Musique Risquée, New Kanada, Internasjonal, and longtime home Wagon Repair. But today, the elusive character is sharing a mix with us via the XLR8R channels. The 80-minute session is The latest in At Home with The Mole, a series of published mixes that feature various more home-listening records from his extensive selection. This one, he says, is made almost entirely of classic love songs. Enjoy as you will.

The Mole will be performing alongside Mark Ernestus’ Ndagga Rhythm Force, Kettenkarussel, and many more key names at Freqs of Nature festival. This year’s edition takes place from July 5-11 in Niedergörsdorf, Germany, with more information available here.

When and where was the mix recorded?

Ah … I recorded this at my place. I have a small series I’ve been calling At Home with The Mole which I guess this is a part of. I recorded it in the winter.

Could you tell us about the idea behind it?

Well, all these At Home with The Mole mixes have been a mix of the stuff I listen to at home. God, that was obvious, hey?

It’s made of home stuff, love songs, and warm uppers—sometimes they have narratives. There’s a love story hidden in the lyrics. He sees the dancing girl. “Follow the dancing girl,” he says. They meet. They fall in love. “So good when someone loves you back.” The turning point: “I know you care.” Strange thing to say to someone. Maybe a sad thing. “I know you care.” Then the breakup songs. I love those. “I am a bachelor, not by choice!.”I loved you more than you’ll ever know.” Then the turnaround. The light at the end of the tunnel, and naturally, the beginning again. “I need someone to love tonight.”

But this mix in particular … Oh, I just had another listen … It’s a sex thing, for sure, come on. Listen to that Barry tune. “Not one drop will be wasted”. It’s obscene.

How did you choose the records in it?

To be honest, I chose from the pile that’s closest to the turntables. There’s good stuff right there. There’s good stuff everywhere.

How does the mix compare to one of your club mixes?

Well, I did it at home—and so I played more homey stuff. I guess it’s a club warm-up, sorta.

What have you got planned for 2017?

Ah, OK. I’m gonna assume you don’t want to know about my new haircut and get straight to The Mole’s stuff. Seriously, I got a couple of EPs coming out in 2017. And an album. Zoink!

There’s an upcoming EP on Sound of Vast from Japan, a mix of old and new sounds. Also an EP on Circus Company from Paris. This has a collaboration with Tom Trago which I’m very proud of. And a remix from Aardvark. I am extra stoked to be with these Amsterdam legends. And “Little Sunshine” could be one of my best. So damn happy.

There’s an EP on Maybe Tomorrow coming soon, “Spicy Noodle, Man”. And an album on Maybe Tomorrow should be out in the Fall. Everyone tells me that I shouldn’t put out my own album, that it won’t get as much “traction” or the media will think I care less about it. It makes no sense to me. Frankly, I don’t care. It’s my label. Of course, I am putting it out. Diggers untie!

Wow, that is once again probably too much information.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.. about the first release on the 7-inch sub-label I’m calling Maybe Tonight. Just like our label parties. First one is with Cristobal.