In December, Traxx Underground will release Vincent Floyd‘s Contemplation of Deepness EP.

Created and curated by Samann, Traxx Underground first surfaced in 2012 with the release of Kool Vibe’s Spreadin’ The Vibe Pt. 1, a four-track EP that beautifully laid out the label’s ethos: raw, classic house. In the years since, Traxx Underground has gone on to release standout EPs from artists such as Four Walls, NY’s Finest, The Groove Victim, Pascal Viscardi, LK, DJ Different, and, of course, Samann himself.

To celebrate Chicago pioneer Vincent Floyd’s forthcoming release, Samann has recorded a mix that showcases his love for deep club tunes and classic ’90s house.

When and where was the mix recorded?

I recorded this mix a few weeks ago in my studio.

What equipment did you record the mix on?

I used both vinyl and CD, with many promos I like to play and some exclusive tracks.

Was there a particular idea or mood you were looking to convey?

Of course, as usual, I wanted to showcase my love for deep music, including my influence from the ’90s.

How does it differ from a regular club set?

In a regular club set I also like to switch on other style of music, such as raw house, tech house, vocal house, and sometimes techno.

To you, what makes a Traxx Underground release?

First of all, if we start from the very beginning, Traxx Underground is a deep house label mainly focused on timeless and crude cuts. Obviously, my label is keen to showcase an oldie vibe, tunes that could have been produced in the mid ’90s…but, it’s not an obsession and I think I’m quite open minded about that. Still, it’s important to keep a strong cohesion between each and every release. I have other labels that deliver different styles, but Traxx Underground has been created as an outlet for club wax with a strong taste from North American dance music styles. I must say, I’m happy because the label has always kept its focus, offering various shades of that specific genre through the years. So, if I really have to put some words on what’s very peculiar about the Traxx Underground sound, I would say that it’s powerful, crisp, and groovy, yet mellow and sexy.

What else do you have coming up this year?

I’m very excited for the upcoming release and I’m working hard on the new schedule. The next release (TU018) will be produced by the Chicago house pioneer Vincent Floyd.
Following this we will have an EP (TU019) that I must say I really love, from a new talent coming from Copenhagen called B From E. He may be the new Kerri Chandler, who knows? Or at least I hope so hahah.

After these two great projects, I’m thrilled to announce that after 4 years, I’m ready to release Raw Lover Vol. 3. That’s my personal output and I’m actually super excited about it.

Other very important projects are under way, but i wanna keep it secret at the moment 😉