Looks like Tigetbeat6‘s East Coast-reppin’ bad boy, Cex, is back to his old tricks. Not long after his return to the now-Berlin-based label with the glitchy ambience of 2009’s Bataille Royale, Rjyan Kidwell pays his dues on the Tigerbass mix series. Cex’s addition, Archbroseph of Berlintimore, follows mixes from Genuine Guy and Sly 1, and features all kind of bass-laden, rave-ready jams from the likes of Brackles, Eskmo, Joy Orbison, and Ginz & Joker, not to mention some sweet samples from Deadwood. Stream or download the magic here, and peep the full tracklist below.

Silencer – “Dirtbag”
Bruce Stallion – “Bad Pillz”
Brackles – “Rawkus”
BADXMAN – “Drop Dead Funk”
Dukeyman – “Hoody Hoodrat”
Elemental – “Metal Funk”
Starkey – “Last Chance”
Virgo – “Puzzle”
Cardopusher – “Carne Sentada”
Youngsta & Seven – “Masai Mara”
Scottie B – “Money Lotion Track”
Hyetal – “Gold or Soul”
Dexplicit – “Me Nuh Run From Dem (feat. Stush)”
Gritt – “Found It”
El-B – “Digital”
J Beatz – “Head Screwed On (Instrumental)”
Emalkay – “Heroics”
Monstr – “Come on Mate”
12th Planet – “28 Hours Later”
Stenchman – “Sound of the Future”
Kanji Kinetic – “New Era”
Saviour – “Sound of Love”
Reso – “Beasts in the Basement”
Radikal Guru – “Ahmed”
Eskmo – “Agnus Dei”
Skream – “Trapped in a Dark Bubble”
Eskmo – “We Have Invisible Friends”
Nubreed – “Cerebral Cortex”
Get Em Mamis – “Shake it All Night”
Maniac – “Skeng’d Out”
Joy Orbison – “Hyph Mngo”
Cloaks – “Against”
Swindle – “Things on My Mind”
Ginz & Joker – “Re-Up”
Octopush – “Deixa”
The Faun – “Game of 3 Halves”
Kryptic Minds – “Distant Dawn”