There has been no shortage of Lapalux-related material on XLR8R over the years. Even before the Essex producer hit our Bubblin’ Up series back in August of 2011, we’ve learned to thoroughly enjoy the wobbly beat-pop/R&B hybrids put forth by the artist born Stuart Howard. He’s since gone on to give us an excellent podcast and a solid debut album, Nostalchic, which is out now via Brainfeeder. Continuing with that streak, Howard returns today to give us another gift, an exclusive new tune not featured on his 2013 LP. “Move Out of My Way” is a patently woozy and atmospheric production featuring the vocals of New York’s Shadowbox (who, incidentally, has her own new tune out right now). Lapalux spends half of his Nostalchic outtake toying with a beatless soundscape as the singer delivers her ethereal melodies, but closes things out in fine, beat-driven fashion. It makes for a great representation of Howard’s two biggest strengths, and can be downloaded for free from the player below.