Le Loup is one of the standout names of this latest wave of French minimal talents, sweeping the globe with his warm, groove-led productions and dance-inducing sets.

He was snapped up by Wolf + Lamb before his 21st birthday to release his debut EP See Line, and then chosen to rework dOP’s “After Party” on Life and Death. In 2011, he launched Hold Youth with close friend Seuil, an open-minded, vinyl-only label, for DJs, collectors, and true music lovers, releasing giants like Rick Wade to newcomers S3A as well as their own material. Also developing the Hold Youth ethos into a DJing partnership, the pair has been educating the ears of the discerning raver from fabric London to Rex Club Paris, where they hold down a residency inviting the likes of Audio Werner and Kyle Hall to share the decks.

Today, the Paris-based artist has compiled a studio mix exclusively for XLR8R, comprising his favorite records of the moment. Grab it now via the WeTransfer button below.

When and where was the mix recorded?

The mix was recorded this summer at home with 2 x Technics and 1 x old Ecler mixer (apologies for the occasional crackle..)

Could you tell us about the idea behind it?

Pretty simple—aside from a few exceptions, it’s a mix of records I’ve been playing recently, playing as if I was in the club with my vinyl. I always make a selection of 30/40 records and then try to build something with those only.

What made this set particularly special—why did you release it?

I am happy with this mix because usually when I want to record a podcast, it takes time to make a selection and then to find an order. I usually need two or thre util I’m happy. For this one, at the first take, I was like, This is this is it”; it represents exactly my style of DJing, mixing old with new tracks and bringing very different styles to the table; from deeper stuff to peak time, breakbeat to 4/4, for example. I always try to mix different sounds and styles together, it’s more challenging and when it works it’s way more satisfying than playing hours of the same beat.

How does the mix compare to one of your club mixes?

It’s the same approach! Of course, it’s not the same playing in front of a crowd because you need to interact with them; make them enjoy what you do—but it’s an example of what you can hear when the club begins to fill and the energy is growing little by little.

What have you got planned for 2017?

I’m focused on my new label I started recently with my girlfriend called Shadow Play. We’ve shared the same love of music for a long time and wanted to express this together. Our third release is coming in October from UK legend Scott Edward, both under his own name (more techno/house oriented); and Ultra Modern-Art, a more hybrid sound mixing jazz and IDM. I’m also currently working in the studio with Seuil, we are preparing a new Hold Youth EP before the end of the year. A solo EP is also on the way, alongside various remixes.