Body High affiliate and former Bubblin’ Up artist Floyd Campbell has shared a new, all-original mix for stream and download. Following previous installments I and II, the LA producer’s Visions III comes described as a “90-minute skate at a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles roller rink” where “psychedelic and textured soundscapes meet snapping DX7 basslines, while dusty soul samples float in and out of cascading techno rhythms.” The material included (totaling 38 tracks, listed below) reportedly nods to both Aphex Twin and the more recent influence of artists like Oneohtrix Point Never and early synth composers.

Along with the mix, Campbell has also shared news of a forthcoming USB package that collects all three editions of the Visions mix series, six exclusive, individually formatted tracks from Visions III, and his Bank Walls and Drifted EPs. Further details of the package can be found here, and Visions III can be streamed in its entirety below and downloaded here.

1. Silverstrand
2. Hearts_0
3. Last
4. Grammar of Movement
5. Magma-i3
6. Snake
7. Shackedd
8. Dramephoto
9. Core Island
10. Interlude_iytz
11. Hoptoit_907
12. Misty Mountains
13. Box
14. Suspension
15. Ice
16. You are Reborn
17. Helpless
18. OG Paris
19. Atgore2
20. Wherehouse
21. Swifter
22. Decker
23. Come Together
24. Tracer
25. Riddims_x07
26. Aandowkr
27. Slow-v
28. Dubblclick
29. Caesar
30. Grimetrip 2
31. Oh
32. Hype
33. Zones2b
34. Waverider
35. Mythwalk
36. Acro
37. Interlude
38. Downther