Longtime Berghain resident and Berlin techno stalwart Marcel Dettman has turned in a new, hour-long mix for free download. Appearing as part of German magazine Groove‘s podcast series, the 13-track set is intended as an homage to the genre of Electric Body Music (or simply EBM), moving well outside Dettman’s techno-rooted sound and incoporating tracks from Kraftwerk, The Cure, HTRK, and others into a 60-mintue set intended more as a listening experience than something which reflects the veteran DJ’s dancefloor abilities. Dettman’s full mix for Groove can be streamed below (where the accompanying tracklist is also included) and downloaded via the magazine, here, where a very brief interview (in German) can also be found. For those in search of more techno- and house-rooted sounds from Dettman, his XLR8Rpodcast from earlier this year is, of course, still available to download.

01 Chris Carter – Interloop
02 Ultravox – Visions In Blue
03 Deaf Center – Lamp Mien
04 Kraftwerk – Sexobjekt
05 Psyche – The Saint Become A Lush
06 Klinik – Nautilus
07 The Cure – All Cats Are Grey
08 Eric Zann – Threshold
09 HTRK – Eat Yr Heart
10 Monotone – Teil 3
11 Siouxsie & The Banshees – Red Light
12 League Of Nations – Systematic Eyes
13 Iron Curtain – The Burning