Bubblin’ Up Brooklyn band Archie Pelago is certainly a unique proposition in the dance music world—a trio with a live setup that features Serato-manipulated cello and saxophone, as well as a DJ. The group has been on a prolific streak recently, having just dropped an EP via its own label, Sly Gazabo, with another 12″ on the way later this month. Now, Archie Pelago is the latest to contribute to Resident Advisor’s long-running podcast series. The mix is an intriguing and unconventional blend of the trio’s classical training and improvisational mentality, pushing the individual members’ clear appreciation for and understanding of contemporary dance music. Featuring cuts from Distal, Sandwell District, and Clay Wilson, as well as plenty of its own productions and live reworkings, Archie Pelago delivers one of the most distinctive mixes of the year. Head over to Resident Advisor to download the podcast and check out a quick Q&A with the band, here.