In anticipation of an upcoming EP for his own Aery Metals imprint (set to drop sometime next year), South London Ordnance has shared a collection of previously unreleased material for free download. While the tracks on offer have worked their way into the UK artist’s recent sets, he says they didn’t quite fit the bill for his latest record. “While they’re just ideas, I’d like to think they offer a bit of an insight into how the new stuff sounds,” he explains. “I’ve been writing so much new music recently and I’m really looking forward to releasing a lot of it in the new year. Hopefully people will enjoy these in the meantime.”

South London Ordnance has already released two 12″s this year—Contact via Hotflush, and Dead Cell on Aery Metals—and his four-track Slo-Offcuts EP can be streamed and downloaded via the player below.