Photo: Andrew Defrancesco

Originally slated to appear on a remix 12″ for Machinedrum‘s (pictured above) 2013 Vapor City LP, a previously unreleased remix of the prolific producer’s “Rise N Fall” track by drum & bass veteran dBridge has now been offered as a free download. “This is an unreleased remix of ‘Rise N Fall’ that dBridge made over a year ago,” Machinedrum explains on his SoundCloud. “It was meant to be on a Vapor City remix 12-inch that never happened, unfortunately. Lucky you, you get it for free!”

Titled the “Fall N Rise” remix (perhaps because the track begins in swelling ambience before its full rhythmic force engages), dBridge’s rework can be streamed and downloaded below. In addition, the longstanding UK producer and Exit label head’s past XLR8R podcast can be revisited here.