From the brilliant variety of Colorseries to the more ambient sounds of his recordings for the Mille Plateaux label, Dublin’s Donnacha Costello has been one of the most innovative producers of electronic music for more than a decade. Little White Earbuds is now hosting a podcast curated by Costello which features the most influential tracks to him and his sonic palette. From the hard Detroit techno of Neil Landstrumm to the gay house of “Love Can’t Turn Around,” the podcast is a journey through the best house and techno of the past 25 years. Check it out over at LWE. Tracklisting after the break!


01. Farley “Jackmaster” Funk, “Love Can’t Turn Around” [Trax]
02. Plastikman, “Plasticity” [Plus 8]
03. G-Man, “Quo Vadis” [Swim ~]
04. Hugo Moya, “Move” [Relief]
05. Neal Howard, “Indulge” [Network]
06. Chaz Vincent, “Dream Wave” [Planet E]
07. Neil Landstrumm, “Pirate” [Tresor]
08. The Other People Place, “Let Me Be Me” [Warp]
09. Jeep Grrlz, “El Magnifico” [El Chocolates]
10. Paul Johnson, “It’s House!” [Dust Traxx]
11. Neal Howard, “The Gathering” (Club Mix) [Future Sound R & R]
12. Jacktripper, “Basement” [Jack]
13. Neal Howard, “To Be Or Not To Be?” [Future Sound R & R]
14. Rhythim Is Rhythim, “Emanon” [Network]
15. Model 500, “I Wanna Be There” (Edit) [R&S]