A certain holiday in which people like to exchange flowers and goofy stuffed animals is just around the corner, and Loer Velocity has a few things to say on the subject of love.

The New York-based MC, whose voice was once proclaimed by XXL magazine to be “smoother than Land O’ Lakes,” is about to release his third project for Embedded Music (also home to Junk Science and Bisc1), and while the EP’s title, Uninfatuated, might suggest the man born Carl Frazier is one jaded dude when it comes to matters of the heart, a closer listen to his flow from track to track proves otherwise.

“I wanted to discuss relationships in an honest way, being as vulnerable as I could be while adding humor, because I didn’t want to be too serious with my emotions,” he explains. “‘Uninfatuated’ means falling out of love, not in a heart-broken way, more like ‘not thrilled.'”

The EP will be released on this spring, but for a very limited amount of time (as in, the next 24 hours), XLR8R readers can download it for free. Okay, maybe it’s not the album you’d tie up with a candy-pink bow and hand off to your loved one come Saturday, but the rhymes are sharp, the beats smooth, and hell, love comes in many different forms.

Download the EP

01 Morn’N Afta
02 Spread Luv
03 Favorite Headache
04 Seasonal
05 Ball and Chain Dames
06 LD Interlude
07 So Simple
08 Uninfatuated