There’s nothing quite like a true exhibition of teamwork in the music world these days. In this case, BBC Radio 1’s experimental DJ and electronic-music tastemaker Mary Anne Hobbs has joined forces with L.A.’s future of hip-hop, Flying Lotus, and the beat master’s Brainfeeder label. They’ve combined their forces for the good of music fans in order to make Hobbs’ live mix from Barcelona’s Sónar music festival available for free download. The mix is a tough-to-the-core, dubstep-laden exhibition of what both Hobbs and the Sónar festival are all about. The tracklist can be found below.

Drumcorps – “Terrible Things”
Reso – “Octacon”
Kryptic Minds – “Six Degrees”
Gemmy – “Rainbow Rd.”
Starkey – “Gutter Music”
Jakes – “In tha Place to Be”
DVA – “Bullet a Go Fly”
Jason Sparks – “Gangstaz” (Reso Remix)
Silkie – “Purple Love”
Andy Stott – “Drippin”
Pinch – “Teleport”
Swarmz – “Never Step on Me”
Skream – “Meta-Lick!!!”
Joker & Ginz – “Purple City”
Martyn – “Elden St.”
LD & Benga – “Yes Yes”
Mala – “Eyez”
Computer Jay – “Maintain” (Ikonika Remix)
Shortstuff – “Stuff”
Debruit – “Soul Sweat (Reso Mix)”
Starkey – “Pleasure Points”
Statix – “Mind Over Matter”
Chase & Status – “Eastern Jam (VIP 3)”