Like most people we now read about and listen to on a regular basis, matthewdavid was experimenting with music and sound well before anyone knew who he was. We’re sure most producers wouldn’t be the least bit interested in sharing those ‘experiments’ with their fans, but thankfully, the Leaving Records boss isn’t most producers. Back in 2008, matthewdavid was working with warping audio using processes influenced by the LA beat scene and subsequently releasing the sounds on made-to-order CD-Rs through his Myspace. That project just got an official re-release through Leaving, and although the physical copies (pictured above) quickly sold out, a free download of the work has been made available. From matthewdavid: “This collection serves as a document of my first explorations into tape-based field recordings and the integration of this with computers, compression, and electronic music—both beat and non-beat related.” He’s also called the Disk Collection “a sonically dynamic, personal immersion in electro-acoustic experiments.” You can download it all here.