The solo project of Portuguese electronic musician Bruno Miguel (a.k.a. :papercutz) specializes in blissful, sun-drenched electronic pop. His latest offering, which comes as part of the Enchufada label’s Upper Cuts MP3 series, is a melodic number that layers pulsating synths and tropical drumwork over pounding low-end. The result, entitled “Storm Spirits,” is not far from the epic, cosmic disco of Lindstrøm or Prins Thomas; and like those producers, Miguel uses a distinctly analog-synth palette to achieve a masterful balance between gentle Balearic buoyancy and chilly, sinister undertones. “Storm Spirits” can be streamed via the player below, while the ongoing series’ other MP3 offerings can be heard here. The tracks released fortnightly as part of the Upper Cuts series will eventually see a release as a compilation.