Shed has shared a recording of his score for German vampire film Nosferatu. As Resident Advisor reports, the Berlin-based producer—best known for his Detroit-influenced, melodic take on techno—initially performed the score at Berghain last November, and a “slightly stripped down version” of the composition (which was recorded in Leipzig and runs just under 84 minutes) has now been made available to stream and download here, under the title The NOS Project. The piece is only available to grab as a single track, but timestamps have been included on the download page, and we’ve listed the 16 individual tracks below.

01. Intro
02. Eupho ?
03. Ease ?
04. Inter ?
05. Eupho ?
06. Inter Dist ?
07. Dist ?
08. G3 Plus
09. Ball Pick Up
10. Ballistik VER2
11. Disto ?
12. Ease ?
13. Inter NOS F
14. NOS Es Harp
15. Inter RQ NOS
16. RQ171