Out today from the Banana Clipz project, made up of Bersa Discos’ Oro11 and Ghetto Bassquake’s Chief Boima, is the duo’s entirely free, seven-track self-titled EP. Inspired in part by the two artists’ love of cumbia and coupé decalé respectively, the EP hardly consists of just those two genres alone, but instead taps into a long, rich history of Latin American, African, and Caribbean musical cross-pollination. In addition to the Los Rakas-featured “Afro Latino” we posted last week, the EP features other standouts like “Push Am,” a slow-burning coupé decalé rhythm that supports ripe synth lines and a wanton bassline. Check the rest of the tracklist below and download the whole EP here.

01 Push Am
02 War Dem Want feat. MC Tidal
03 Crisis Remix feat. Khady Black
04 Sweet Girl feat. Black Nature & Missy Galore
05 Talking Drum
06 Afro Latino feat. Los Rakas
07 Coupe Cumbia