Now in its fifth week of celebrations for its 20th year of releasing independent electronic music, Ninja Tune has offered up this free download of DJ mix history. Back in 1991 on New Year’s Eve, two young DJ/producers named Alex Paterson and Thomas Fehlmann (who was recently featured in XLR8R‘s pages) walked into Coldcut‘s Kiss FM studios on Holloway Rd. in London to lay down a mix of now-old-school techno, ambient, house, and electronica. The duo, known best as The Orb, recorded this DJ set prior to releasing its chart-topping debut album, The Orb’s Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld. Matt Black of Ninja Tune and Coldcut recalls, “The Orb played a lot of abstract, cool, spoken word and cutup stuff, which seemed really impressive and weird… We were like ‘fuck, how did they make that?’ It was just quite arty and clever and odd… A lot of it was just done in a one-man live mix, literally running round the studio, turning decks on and off! Raw but fun. Those were the days.” The download is available for free, with the exchange of your precious email address, here, and will be there for six days.