Iulian Cuculea (a.k.a Ada Kaleh) has shared a new live recording, this time taken from a recent set at KB18 Kødboderne in Copenhagen on November 25, 2017.

The Romanian DJ-producer has made a name for his emotionally charged, exotic and minimalistic interpretation of house through techno, a sound which lends itself equally well to domestic listening as it does to the dance arena. Much of his material has landed on his own Ada Kaleh România, an avant-garde record label, home of Ada Kaleh and Anam Nesis, that releases organic compositions on vinyl, including his debut album, Dene Descris. Earlier this year, he debuted on R&S Records with Palatul de cleștar, and is set to follow this up with another EP set to be confirmed in due course. As a DJ, his sets dip in and out of various genres, often weaving together more traditional house and techno with ambient and even minimal soundscapes—the result being a trippy yet groovy continuum.

One of his most recent sets, a two-hour recording from Copenhagen’s KB18 Kødboderne, is exclusively available for download via the WeTransfer button below.