Sebastian Voigt is resident of Berlin’s Wilde Renate, where he can be found playing once a month. He cut his teeth in London, where he set up one of the capital’s Lokee parties, before returning to Germany to expand and develop his music. As a DJ, he pushes a deep and driving techno sound; while with his releases, he favors a more house-orientated and melodic aesthetic—delicate and soothing but also powerful and pulsating. In support of his residency and upcoming tour, he’s shared a mix exclusively via XLR8R, recorded live in South America and completed in his Berlin studio. 

What have you been up to recently?

I’ve been pretty busy with Else and Wilde Renate, traveling, and working on my first album which is hopefully finished soon (wish I had a bit more time in the studio every week). Also, I’ve been enjoying the early summer in Berlin as much as I could. 

When and where was the mix recorded?

December 2017.  It’s mainly a live recording of me playing at Capslock in São Paulo, one of my favorite parties in the world. Imagine a warehouse rave with around 1,500 people, around 9 am. I say “mainly” because the batteries of my recorder ran out before the end, so I re-did that last bit in Ableton. Also, I only started recording about halfway through my set, that’s why the mix starts in the middle of a track. I still chose this recording because it was a magical moment and it very much represents my musical vibe. 

What equipment did you record it on?

2x CDJ, Pioneer 900NXS2 mixer

How did you select the tracks that you included? Was there a particular idea or mood you were looking to convey?

I never plan my sets, other than doing long playlists with a pre-selection of tracks. Sometimes I play only from that list, other times I end up playing completely different tracks. I go with the flow and let the vibe of the moment guide me. This set was a journey and the crowd was beautifully open for it. I took over at 6 am at a really high energy level, kept that for a while, then started to go in different directions. As usual for me, it’s a mixture of old and new tracks, some classics, some more obscure stuff. 

What else have you got coming up?

I’m trying to focus on finishing my album now. Plus there are a few other projects, and I hope to share more info soon. I’m excited to go on tour in Mexico and Brazil again in June. Capslock just offered me a residency, so the plan is to play there twice a year, which makes me happy.

Download the mix via the WeTransfer button below—or stream here for EU readers, and download here, due to temporary GDPR restrictions. 


01. Juxta Position “One Ten”

02. Rødhad & Vril “Target Line”

03. The Mover “Nightflight” (Nonstop 2 Kaos)

04. Regal “Lesstroboscopic”

05. Spokesman “Acid Creak” (Pierre’s Reconstruction Mix)

06. Jark Prongo “Movin Thru Your System” (Dave Clarke Remix)

07. DSaw “Track 1030”

08. Aux 88 “Astral Projections” (Detroit Mix)

09. Thomas P Heckmann “Opium Fürs Volk”

10. Jesse Somfay “Small Pebbled Forest”

11. Pearson Sound “XLB”

12. Benjamin Damage “Montreal”

13. DNGLS “Four Layers”

14. Moerbeck “Behind The Mask”

15. Ben Sims “The Afterparty”

16. James Ruskin & DVS1 “Page 1”

17. Cassegrain “Vultures”

19. Amotik “Gora”

20. Mella Dee “Deep Soul” (Endian Remix)

21. Transparent Sound “Varations Of An Attitude”

22. Opus lll “It’s A Fine Day” (Burt Fox Remix)