Drawing Voices is Craig Dongoski’s drone paradise. Founded in 1999, Dongoski has made it a point to expand upon the essence of “marking” (the act of sketching, writing, etc.) with clicked-out, noise that broods from subtle percussion to waves of harmonic feedback. But Dongoski isn’t just some guy with a sampler, shrooms, and an affinity for weird shit.

An Associate Professor at Georgia State University, Dongoski has worked with sound and marking for a number of years now. He’s undertaken looping the sound of writing his signature and turning it into visual chaos that, in fact, draws voices. That said, he’s also responsible for a series of painting and sound installations in addition to experimenting with sound as means of healing hospital patients.

Drawing Voices is yet another massive undertaking for Double H Noise (an extension of the LA-based Hydra Head label), expanding upon an established body of releases from titans like Sunn 0))), Agoraphobic Nosebleed, and Merzbow. Unlike Dongoski’s contemporaries, however, homeboy has brought alongside Isis frontman and Hydra Head labelhead Aaron Turner for some gnarly walls of noise that pierce more than just the eardrums. Leave it to the Hydra Head folks to bring cerebral, artistic sonic blasphemy to new heights.

Drawing Voices is out now on Double H Noise.


1. Being Born Broken
2. Mask
3. Scattered Shavings
4. The Shrine of Wreckless Illumination
5. Being Born Broken II
6. A Choir Speaks