Dro Carey is shaping up to be one of those producers that just can’t stop releasing new material. With his slew of official and unofficial releases over the past few years, the Australian artist has had a continuous output made up of b-sides, one-offs, and a growing list of side projects. Clearly, this prolific streak is nowhere near stopping, as Dro Carey has just announced a forthcoming full-length from his hard-edged house and techno alias Tuff Shrem. While just a month ago Carey basically unloaded an LP’s worth of material in the form of the Vault Radier Vol. 1 collection of tunes, Tuff Sherm’s Shrapnel Maestro LP is said to take on a different line than the usual Dro Carey fare, with the project’s debut full-length piecing together “a few rusty Rhodes sounds here and there and some acoustic percussion samples” to create its eleven tracks. Before Shrapnel Maestro drops next Monday via Dro Carey’s Bandcamp, you can stream the album’s lead track and check out its tracklist below. (via Resident Advisor)

01 Shrapnel Cabinet
02 Marrow
03 Unlit Ruin
04 Ion City
05 Bunched Ghosts
06 Monarch Engineer
07 Bulldog
08 Boiled
09 Neurobeast
10 Hawkins File
11 Wreckage Diary