A staple of the American Northwest’s electronic music scene, Portland’s Dropping Gems label/collective has announced plans to issue the fourth edition in its Gem Drops compilation series. Set to drop late next month, the collection brings together new tracks from regulars of the Dropping Gems crew such as hometown talents Phillip Grass and Rap Class, Seattle’s DJAO, San Francisco producer Devonwho, and the ascending Natasha Kmeto (who herself recently shared the first single from her upcoming sophomore LP). In addition, Gem Drops Four has also enlisted an impressive mix of contributors from the label’s outer circle, with The Range, Anenon, Pixelord, and Marley Carroll all offering new tracks on the effort.

Summed up simply be the label as “21 tracks from across our field of view, tracks we believe in, artists we care about,” Gem Drops Four will see its official release in both digital and cassette formats on July 29. In the meantime, the collection’s full tracklist can be peeped below, where “Shadow,” DJAO’s leading contribution to the record, can also be streamed in full.

01 DJAO – Shadow
02 Anenon – Actions
03 Gouda Hoop – Range For Harry
04 Vandetta – Falling
05 Ghost Feet – Give Me Something
06 The Range – Rayman
07 Rap Class – Jenny @ Da Pie Shop
08 Shawn Don – We Do
09 Philip Grass – Wmn Too
10 M. Constant – Funes
11 Bone Rock – Souler
12 Swrvy – Creepin
13 Devonwho – Sunder
14 Free The Robots – Frownin (Robot Edit)
15 Pixelord – Mist
16 Natasha Kmeto – Last Drop
17 Braxton/Palmer – Krycek
18 Qloq – Disappear Here
19 Time Wharp – Duke 6
20 Marley Carroll – Layer Rush
21 Big Sigh – If I Could