Moe Espinosa (a.k.a Drumcell / Hypoxia) and Surachai have revealed themselves to be the names behind BL_K NOISE, a label designated to release noisy-industrial pieces. Up until now, the label, which is very different to Drumcell’s current imprint, Droid, has kept a very low profile.

The launch of the label will be marked by the release of Instinct and Memory, the new long-player from prolific Chicago-based producer, Surachai. Never one to settle into a groove, Surachai has staked out territory in a number of genres. Instinct and Memory rests in the analog noise spectrum, but exhibits an eerie melodiousness and shadowed aggression unique among Surachai‚Äôs recordings.

Instinct and Memory is scheduled for April 29 release.


A1/ 1. Teeth And Rivers
A2 / 2. Lust Designed ft. Annie Hall
B1/ 3. Form Forty (Density Imaged)
B2 / 4. Hollow Books
C1 / 5. Bleeding Shadow
C2 / 6. Wolves And Stars ft. Annie Hall
D1 / 7. Exhale Death
D2 / 8. Light Drinker