There is absolutely nothing wrong with a band that sounds like a cross between The Melvins and King Tubby. Listen to Dub Trio’s third album, Another Sound Dying, and you’ll understand why.

Set for release January 29 on Mike Patton’s esteemed Ipecac imprint, Another Sound Is Dying is a quite a break from early-2007’s live album, Cool Out and Coexist, which featured rough, though thoroughly punk, production. Another Sound… employs heavier riffs, reverbs, and delay, and even some shades of math-rock. But from a band who’s members have already played and/or toured with the likes of 50 Cent, The Fugees, Helmet, and Matisyahu, is anything really surprising anymore? Look out for Dub Trio dominating a soundsystem near you.

1. Not For Nothing
2. Jog On
3. Bay vs. Leonard
4. Felicitation
5. Martyr Dub
6. Regression Line
7. Who Wants to Die
8. Respite
9. No Flag
10. The Midnight Rider
11. Safe and Sane
12. Agonist
13. Fuck What You Heard
14. Funishment