ROIR has a long history of releasing amazing records, especially in the live department (uh, Christian Death’s Decomposition of Violets, hello), so Cool Out and Coexist, the latest offering from hardcore/dub band Dub Trio, seems the logical next release for the label.

Not only has the Brooklyn-based trio gained extreme praise from experimental rock overlord Mike Patton (Faith No More, Fantomas), they’ve also done studio and stage work with G-Unit and Mobb Deep. Cool Out and Coexist, however, is indicative of the band’s all-out war capabilities. Recorded live during sold-out shows at Brooklyn’s Union Pool, the album is stripped down, profoundly heavy dub chaos. Featuring the band’s minimal reverberated drums, delayed guitar flurries, and bombastic breakdowns, this newbie is comparable to the initial energy of Bad Brains (if they were all on PCP, that is). There’s no way that HR isn’t thoroughly pumped.

Fred Miketa

Cool Out and Coexist is out June 26, 2007 on ROIR

1. Angel of Acceptance
2. Who Wants to Die
3. Interlude #1
4. One Man Tag Crew
5. Interlude #2
6. Untitled
7. Casting Out the Nines
8. Jack Bauer
9. Drive By Dub
10. Extract
11. Cool Out and Coexist
12. Screaming At the Sea
13. Illegal Dub
14. Jog On