Los Angeles-based dublab throws a party every year, with the sole purpose in mind of ruining your day. Or at least, attendees should feel pensive and melancholy by the end of the festivities. Give Up: Stop Dancing and Cry is held at The Redwood Bar and Grill, a nautical themed restaurant on Second St. The event is thrown complete with live silkscreened shirts and, as dublab’s site so eloquently states, “bummer movie scenes splashed on video screens.”

The event happened in March, and sorry if you missed it. The good news is that DJs Jimmy Tamborello (a.k.a. Dntel) and frosty–who both played–have compiled a CD of the night’s music, currently available for a mere $10 via the dublab site. A mix of everything from Paul McCartney’s mournful guitar strumming to Colleen’s tear-jerking ambience will aid you in reliving heartache and teeth gnashing, with or without an accompanying party.

Give Up: Stop Dancing and Cry is available through dublab.

Jimmy’s Heart Sinking Songs

1. Tarwater “To Describe You”
2. Ulver “Silencing the Singing”
3. Lucky Kitchen “Rain and Hail, X-mas Eve”
4. Neu “Lieber Honig”
5. The Pale Saints “Hair Shoes”
6. A.R. Kane “Up”
7. Neurosis “The Road to Sovereignty”
8. Susanna and the Magical Orchestra “Love Will Tear Us Apart”
9. Colin Newman “Can I Explain the Delay?”

Frosty’s Misery Melodies
10. Gary Higgins “Unable to Fly”
11. Espers “Byss & Abyss”
12. Boduf Songs “Lord of the Flies”
13. Colleen “Your Heart is So Loud”
14. Papa M “Petals Weep”
15. Paul McCartney “Waterfalls”
16. Susan Christie “Rainy Day”
17. megAfarmer D “Weepin’ and Wailin’”
18. Phyllis Dillon “A Thing of the Past”
19. Phelan Sheppard “The Plantagenet Whore”
20. Mia Doi Todd “In the End”