In summer 2001, a little-known collective in Los Angeles named dublab released its first compilation, a disc entitled Freeways that showcased some of the city’s most creative musical personalities making downtempo, avant-jazz, and leftfield hip-hop.

Fast-forward to 2007, and one could hardly say dublab is just a collective. The company has curated art exhibitions, film productions, numerous events, and hosts a heavily-visited website that offers audio streams and podcasts from a range of different musical styles.

To commemorate their many successes, dublab has made Freeways available in digital format for the first time ever. The re-release comes with the original selection of tracks that dublab heads frosty and Carlos NiƱo put together (including early gems from the likes of Dntel, Yesterday’s New Quintet, and John Tejada), along with a bonus track by Daedelus. Grab it all at iTunes now.

Download Ammoncontact’s “Chords (Parts 1-2)”

1. Languis & Fer Chloca “The Sky Below”
2. Daedelus “A Mashnote”
3. Mia Doi Todd “Digital, Version 2.1”
4. Dntel “If I Don’t Return”
5. John Tejada “I’ll See You In a Place with Lights
6. Mannequin Lung “Is It Live?”
7. Yesterday’s New Quintet “Soul Searchin'”
8. Divine Styler “Shen”
9. Damon Aaron “Don’t Get Up Again”
10. Nowhereman (a.k.a. Nobody) “Seathrough Dolphin Smile”
11. Ammoncontact “Chord (Parts 1-2)”
12. Skull Valley “Death Zone Reflection”
13. Adam Rudolph “Nawa”
14. Daedelus “Lover’s Dub (Digital Bonus Track)

Photo of Daedelus by Laura Darlington.