Grab your pillow or sofa cushion and head down to the beaches of Santa Monica next weekend, for Tonalism 2008. Hosted by the famous dublab crew, the event has historically combined lush, ambient music with visuals designed to relax party-goers and draw their attention to the experiment for extended periods of time. Which basically means that people lie around listening to music, watching compelling visuals, and drinking the complementary hot tea the crew serves up. This year’s event follows suite, and is part of the larger Glow festival held by the city of Santa Monica each year.

The usual suspects will be DJing at Tonalism throughout the night, including frosty, Carlos Nino, Hoseh, Jimmy Tamborello, Sam Cooper, Katie Byron, Ale, and Part Time Punks DJ Michael Stook. Special performances will be made by White Rainbow, Albert Ortega, Steve Roden, and others. The party kicks off July 19 at 7:30 p.m. at the Looff Hippodrome Carousel (located on the Santa Monica Pier). Oh, and it’s free.

Above: The Tonalism Lazer Carpet. Photo by Noe Montes.